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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Android platform mobile handsets - Beware!!!!!!!!!!! security issues haunts both Google Android and Apple Iphone !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After a series of malware haunting the android phones now its time for the secret data that is stored inside these phone that has come to haunt both android.

Both android and Iphone stores the geo information of the phone. However, there have been loop holes in the data that is stored in the phone. In case of android its what the data is used for while for Iphone its the way it is stored (without encryption) that is causing a furore among the users of these mobiles.

In Android, the data stored in the phone is transmitted to the computer whenever it is synchronized. An application has recently surfaced that gives out details on the map along with timestamps where that phone has travelled. On the face of things it looks like this feature can be disabled only if GPS is disabled in the Iphone, although there has been no official communication on this by Apple whether it can disabled at all or not. The most important flaw with the information being stored is that the data is being stored without encryption.

Once the security flaw in Iphone was exposed, similar concerns started flooding the android phones as well. In case of android, the concern was for what purposes the data collected was being used. It was initially thought that the data is being used for google analysis. However, recently it is being claimed that it is used for better advertising. Do you think this is right, using your location data for advertising purposes without your permission.

In an official communication apple today clarified that location data is tracked not of the phone itself but the base station that provides the connectivity and the software has some security flaws.

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