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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Android platform mobile handsets - Verizon launches CDMA IPhone

Verizon has announched the launch of the most awaited CDMA version of the IPhone. Till date only AT&T was allowed to sell IPhones. Now that the contract comes to an end Verizon has come up with CDMA version of the IPhone.

CDMA IPhone will be put on sale in the first week of Feb. The pricing is expected to be on similar lines as offered by AT&T. Whether this would affect the sales of AT&T remains to be seen.

The price $199 - 16-GB version
               $299 - 32-GB

Ofcourse, this would also come with a 2-year contract. The exact plans for subscription is expected shortly.

With the CDMA IPhone out in the market the battle for larger market share would be renewed between Android and IPhone. Android phones have steadily flooded the market especially in the last two seasons. Their market shares have been increasing at a tremendous pace. With CDMA IPhone Apple is entering the CDMA market. Android already has both GSM and CDMA handsets. The success of this phone also depends on how well Verizon is able to upgrade its network expecting a huge sales of IPhone.

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