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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Android platform mobile handsets - what is cloud computing

Almost all the companies now seems to be moving to the cloud. What is cloud anyways. Everyone seems to have a different opinion about it. Now lets look at the companies that seems to moving towards cloud.
Apple, Microsoft, Google, Intel, Adobe... and the list goes on...

What is the CLOUD???

Cloud is the way to store your data on the net. It may be on any of the servers provided by different operators like google, microsoft etc. Storing data on the cloud means you don't have to maintain your own servers. This decreases the cost for many small companies. For the users also this is a good option since, say you lost your mobile, you dont have to worry about the data stored in it and you still have the access to the data in the cloud. This is idea behind cloud.

Apple was the first to get into cloud closely followed by google and microsoft. Google is known for their servers so was very quick to latch onto the cloud. Microsoft wasnt to be left far behind. Since its main revenue comes from Microsoft Office, it plans to move office into the cloud all for a nominal price.

What does it mean to the end users. Probably we need to wait for sometime for all these things to materialize but surely cloud seems to have a great potential. According to the estimates the energy saving because of moving to the cloud is about $20 billion. This estimate is just the savings that could happen. You can imagine how big the business potential of the cloud is. In the terms of dollars easily it runs into hundreds of dollars. So everybody would like to latch onto it. This doesnt mean that going onto the cloud means saving energy. If the accesses to the data is very high then it makes sense to have the data in the local server. But for small enterprises for whom maintaining a server is a high cost and the data access requirement is less it makes sense to go onto the cloud. So who wants to be on the cloud no. 9 ;)

So what do you feel about cloud. Is it the way to go...?


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