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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Google TV Vs Apple TV

sRecently Google announced the launch of Google TV in response to Apple TV which is available for just $99.

Apple TV: The latest product from Apple stores which has already become a rage across US. It goes along with the other Apple products. Instead of concentrating on the hardware market of TV's Apple TV instead has put its focus more on the streaming content. It comes up with services like movie rentals, show rentals, watching you tube videos on TV instead of the computer screen etc. This is a kind of new strategy coming from Apple. Till now it was coming with products mainly related to hardware products. Now it has shifted focus to providing rental shows etc. There are many similar products out in the market with even better features, however when Apple comes with such a product its something to watch out for. So in the future you can expect apple TV to support gaming applications and replace DVD player etc.

Google TV would be based on Android and would support google chrome and hence you could watch you tube and other videos just like the way Apple TV does. Mobiles usually have to restrict to smaller screens. However, Google TV gets away with this disadvantage. This means Google tv treats TV just as another device to display its content. So google has announced it will come up with google TV SDK which the developers needs to use to use the TV for their application development. Soon we may expect apps that confine to google TV standards.

Apple announced that Apple TV would be in the stores very soon and it was immediately followed with the announcement of Google TV to be released in fall 2010.

For google TV a new SDK for the developers will be announced soon. That will pull the android market and the developers into Google TV. So very soon you can expect applications games based on Google TV. Will this try to capture the market of playstation, nitendo etc only time will.

However the strategies of the two companies seems to be different. Apple TV seems to be centred around streaming video content where as Google TV seems to bring together internet space and TV into a single device. Apple TV is trying to tap its loyalists and get them to fetch revenue constantly using rentals. This is a new strategy coming from Apple. However, google TV is aimed at increasing internet usage and effectively its presence in the form of advertisements etc.

Which one of the them do you think has come up with a better strategy? Share your thoughts.


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