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Friday, July 9, 2010

android platform mobile handsets - HTC Evo 4G phone

HTC does it yet again. It has become is the first phone maker to come out with a handset that can access the 4G network. In fact, 4G is so new it still isn't available in many parts of US. Sprint is expected to roll out its 4G network in other 24 US cities later this year.

The Evo is powered, like many HTC phones, with the Android operating system. In 2008, HTC produced the first phone to use the Android system which was called the G1 or the HTC Dream.

Android, which is gaining popularity this year, has for the first time outsold iphones.

It hosts a 4.3″ capactive LCD display that is quite stunning.

The EVO have a nice, large 8MP camera that is capable of some pretty decent shots. Both have It has the 3X digital zoom with a ton of extra settings made available from HTC. The EVO has the front facing camera which is quite useful in the 4G network.

The EVO has the capability of 720p video output with the HDMI type D micro connector on the bottom of the phone.

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