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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Learning android platform

To learn android platform it would be better first to go through the presentations in the android website.

There are four presentations that give the detail about the components of the android platform. After understanding this you can choose your area of expertise and dig deep into the same.

I felt it would be better to learn about the platform by first concentrating on the kernel. The kernel is essentially the Linux kernel with some modifications for the mobile environment. Modifications include the binder (IPC driver), Power manager, bionic libc etc.

Android has tried to remove all the disadvantages of various software platforms and designed this platform to find a way around it. This is why I feel android would be a great success in the market. Also this has the added advantage of being open source. This would make the development much faster as more eyes will look into the code. This has even forced nokia to consider making symbian open source.

Looks like the telecom world is going through the phase of open source. Whether this will make telecom market better or kill it completely needs to be seen...

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