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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

brew and android

Android is released after Brew so you can expect all the advantages of brew to be incorporated in android.

One of the best features of Brew is that you can write extensions. i.e. plug in components of the applications and introduce new features into the application. This feature is almost non-existant in any other software platform. In other platforms such an application can be created only by native application developers. In android, there exists no difference between a native developer and third party. So anybody can write such applications even if the feature is non-existant.

In Android, this feature is implemented in the form of AIDL. You can write one application which provides a specific service to another app. (this is as good as an extension). Since this is developed as a new applciation it can be shipped later.

Another striking difference between the two platform is that brew supports only CDMA mobiles whereas Android supports GSM, UMTS technologies. Since Android is open-source you can expect it to support CDMA in the near future.

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  1. Gstreamer has this capability, componenets can be plugged-in into the system and as you have mentioned the same case with Android and licensing is also LGPL so you need not submit your source code.