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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

downloading git and android source in ubuntu

1. Install ubuntu 6.06 or above.

2. while installing linux if you are inside the firewall you need to modify /etc/apt/source.list. comment the first line and uncomment all other links.
If you are inside a firewall and the links to ubuntu updates are blocked while installing linux then you need to modify the above file. The first link will be prompting you to insert cdrom which needs to be commented and the other links will be commented if there is no access to it while installing linux. This can be later modifed by the root.

3. sudo apt-get update - this would update the sources.list with the latest packages available in the ubuntu public sites and the dependencies of each software to be installed.

4. sudo apt-get install git-core to install git. -This step will install git along with the dependent libraries. Alternately you can download the deb file and install in which case u need to install the dependent libraries yourself. I would prefer installing it this way first to install all the depending libraries first and then installing the required revision of git.

5. specific version of git is available at which can be downloaded and installed.

6. Follow the steps as given in

With all this steps I was able to download the source of android at work :-)

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