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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Android platform mobile handsets - Google Glasses - augmented reality internet connected glasses

Google is working on its augmented reality based internet connected glasses. Augmented reality is a feature where virtual things are posted on top of real world like the ones seen in futuristic robotic movie. This can now become a reality in not too distant a future.

Google released a video indicating its intentions of what it would like to achieve in the near future. The project is still in the preliminary stages and it looks like google was trying to see the market reactions about it.

Wait a minute. Its not only goggle which is trying to enter this business. Apple is not too far behind either.

Augmented reality was introduced way back in 1990s. Earlier augmented reality was only about capturing pictures and video and feeding it to specific software. The internet connectivity wasn't that fast and good as it is now. However when virtual world and real world meets the internet it can come up with cool applications like the one shared with the goggle video. In this video goggle is trying to help the user take the best route to his destination, give up different nearest outlets to eat a burger, video chat on the move etc. All these applications look very cool.

Should you be all excited about goggle glasses. The main target of these applications is obviously the money that goggle earns in terms of advertising. Google already knows what kind of mails you read (if you use gmail), what videos you watch (you tube), where you are heading (google maps) etc. It uses all these informations to provide targeted advertising. Recently they even modified the privacy policy which allows it to provide these data to its services. 

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