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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Android platform mobile handsets - Monetizing android application developer options

After developing the application on android the question that haunts everyone's mind is what is the best way to monetize the app.

First lets explore the different ways to monetize the apps.
1. free application with advertisement.
2. Paid application without advertisement
3. Mix of the previous two.
4. Free application with advertisement and provide in app payment facility to upgrade to app without ads.
5. Block some features available only through in app payment facility.

Providing only paid apps may actually not give much of a visibility to the end user to judge the product. So the combination of the two works the best for most cases. However finally its upto the developer to decide which works out the best.

For providing the ads in android application google has come up with admobile. Signing to admobile is very easy.

For paid apps you can make use of google wallet. As of now it is operation only in US and a few other location. However it is soon expected to be opened in India.

Which of the above options do you prefer and why? 

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